Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

Log Entry: General Adam Westin

Our day began with a tasty breakfast served by our hosts. I particularly enjoyed the eggs. Lady Dradiira joined us as we were able to question her about the capital and the area near the city. Also, my fears seem to be true that the evil I felt last night may be coming from Dradiira herself. She also warns Tumdrum of the dangers of sleep sweet.

She begins to describe the “curse” that is effecting the capital and her work in studying it. She informs us Chief Advisor Takuya would meet with us on the morrow. Giving us some time to see the city. Revolt seems to be a problem in the capital.

The Mention of Gods Mirrors seemed to excite Dradiira. She got very defensive about them. Claiming they can be controlled and or used for good with the right knowledge.
She tasks the scouts to acquire a piece of the godsmirror and bring it back to her.
Conversation continued on the Godsmirrors after she leaves. There seems to be a split in the party as to what the mirrors do and the power that controls them. And what exactly Dradiira wants from them.

The party decides to spend the morning resting before heading out to search the town for clues of just who they are dealing with. Tumdrum decides to take flight and explore the area outside the city. The rest of the scouts decide to take to the streets to do some information gathering.

The main group decides to head north towards the merchants. Upon entering a staged area, Kaleth gets the idea to muscle some information out of a poor man named Shen. His bosses name is Sayuri. So Kaleth approaches. Kaleth’s tone was firm with this one. If I wouldn’t have been yelled at so much in my military life, I might have been intimidated myself. After she is done talking to him, I notice she is the topic of conversation. Which leads me to believe it’s time we take some cover in a local diner. Kaleth informs us she learned of a man named Noboru. A slave importer and trader.

The meal here reminds me of the groul we would get in the mess halls back on choso. As we finished and took back to the streets, Tanna informs me that we are being followed. With that, we take action and she circles around to get behind our follower.

After finally getting him in an alley, we were able to find out his name is Sado. He wanted to make some GP off of us with information on Noboru. Tanna informs me that he is not alone, my divine sense tingles as I feel the presence of a fiend as he and a “tiny” fiend. He leads us to a building and says that this is a warehouse where he Noboru runs his slaves. With a payment and one last reminder not to mess with us. We returned “home” for the afternoon.


Tumdrum decided to leave town on his own flying on Amanus as Dradiira had mentioned that he might get recognized and hunted down in the city with many of the followers of the devil he pissed off believed to be running around the city. He flies west towards the pyramid in the lake and Aether obelisk that Dradiira had told him roughly where they were. Nothing seemed strange about this pyramid, looks the same as the other one we have seen but no glowing lights or clouds or any sign of ruins or civilized life around the area at all. Just alone in a lake surrounded by dense woods.

He and Amanus then make their way north-east toward Port Pommai to find the obelisk and do so. It also appears to be in the exact same condition as all the other obelisks we have seen. It is near a roadway, and they land to inspect it. After taking some time near it, Tumdrum’s second shadow appears and points in a very eastward direction. Each of these obelisks have pointed his second shadow in a direction. Now, Tumdrum believes he has enough points of reference and the angles of the shadows to get a pretty good guess of where they are pointing him. Sure, the guesstimate is still many miles square, but for the first time Tumdrum feels like it is close and it is a spot instead of sign pointing one way and you’re stuck following that direction for however long it takes to get there.

Tumdrum returns to Echizen and lands after sunset. He enters and meets the group finishing dinner as Dradiira is just awaking and coming to eat and meet the group as well. Westin comes right out with it and asks her what has she done to become fiendish. She goes into detail about demons and devils. She explains about the Brass Embassy nearby helping link this world to the Brass Kingdom. How demons are just lawless chaos beast of evil, but that devils aren’t so bad. Devils enter into contracts with people to get to experience the world with and through them and are very much honor-bound to their contracts and their word. She is unsure if this has anything to do with the curse the Kou Kingdom is under, but she has noticed that the veil between this world and the infernal has become weaker and easier to pass since the great evil that befell the Cerrelun. She made a deal with an entity to aid her in her escape from the Underdark, and she feels like she made a really good deal after learning more about these deals in her studies here. She explains that the Kou Kingdom is populated with many of these minor devils and has been for some time. Tumdrum explains that the Valkryian people had found out about the fiends in the Kou Kingdom, but that they did not truly understand them or the situation. They instantly thought the fiends were nothing but evil and a threat to light and life. Without taking more time to learn about them, they swore to fight the Kou Kingdom with all they had until one of the two was no longer standing. They were underpowered and under prepared, and until seeing Millie and hearing of a handful of others in slavery, they were believed to have been completely wiped out. There are no compromises or half-measures in a holy war, and that is what they decided they were in and must do. Tumdrum mentions to Dradiira that he does not agree with the Valkryians and has no desire for a holy war. Kaleth and Millie had been told of the war with the Kou Kingdom but not about that reason behind it.

Dradiira has a book fetched from somewhere by one of her servants and gives us to read while we are here to learn more about a certain devil nicknamed the Barber. Saying the real name of these entities can have the power to make them aware of your presence and interest, she says this is especially the case here in the Kou Kingdom. That is where we ended this session.

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