Ulfsaar's Domain

Journal Entry: Mol, 23rd Nymm 2801 RB
General Adam Westin reporting:

We make our way west from Gram’s Tower. These ruins seem to be extremely old, though Deedee feels the overgrowth is not nearly as old. Instead, rather new. We search around inside one of the buildings and find a dozen or so books. While Kaleth begins to read, Tanna’s eyes spot a fine rapier hidden behind a bookshelf. After I look over it for a moment and detect that it is magical, we decide to stow it and the rest of the books until we return to the camp to get it looked at properly.

Once we reach the road again, Machk begins to sniff around. Strangely, he smells that of Sylvan or Fey around. Tumdrum address concern that we may be too late. The Men of the Bear might be too far settled to be scared off. After much deliberation, we decide that it is best to head back to the colony. But not before having Amanus do a fly over the ruins. Noticing numbers in the hundreds, quite out of our range to handle.

Making our way back out, we spot a figure in the distance. Wearing leathers and furs and wielding a longbow. Clearly, this woman is not expecting our arrival. As we begin to move forward and the crazy bard argues with himself, the Echlun fires an arrow in our direction. Mako, hesitant at first, asks if we may pass and she replies with a swift no.

Tumdrum tries to intimidate her, but seems to fail. Tanna, with her bow in hand, launches an arrow into the air at a candle Tumdrum tosses and extinguishes the flame. The Matriarch commands our party to return west and continue on our mission to meet the Lady of the Wood.

Instead, we instruct Mako to tell the Matriarch that we searched and could not find the Lady. Which does not go well. Mako suffered some injuries from an arrow fired by the Matriarch. Though, Tumdrum was quick to heal her wounds and returned the arrow, to the lady in our way. A bit more broken than she originally gave it to us.

We then knew that we were to meet the Lady. We had no other choice. Tumdrum quickly fashions a plan to handle the Lady of the Wood and we make our way west. The trees past the city are covered in a strange purple fruit. Tumdrum quickly instructs us to not take anything from this world. After a short time, we reach a clearing with a single large tree and are greeted by an elven lady.

As the party approaches, she greets us humbly and offers drinks and food. While we focused on not giving away too much information, she informs us that she is the guardian of these lands. She and the “red imbecile” do not get along. She claims that her recent purpose has been to heal the wounds of this land. She offers to help us in her own way. She is shocked to find that one of our own follows Mindor. She says she will heal Tanna of her terrors, inform us where the valkyrie are and assist us in healing Gungrin. But we must do it within a year. However, if we fail to do it by then, there will be a cost. It is a no fail option.

After a long conversation, she informs us that it will take a night to heal Tanna. All but Kale accept her boon and help. As night falls, the ritual begins and Tanna starts the gruesome process. Around morning, she completes the ritual and Tanna will never be the same. After some time, we received the blessings from the Lady and set out on our way home.


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