Cleric of Salt


It might be some testament to the disturbing aura that hangs around any devotee of Salt when even after ships are being dashed upon rocks like skulls on a wall, the colony funders are still uncertain about bringing the god of the Sea and Storms onto the bargaining table.
The worries of blue bloods and common peasants are no concern to a follower of Salt. The sea is generous, and will dole out hardship and misery as quickly as it will a cold, hard practicality and a perspective of one’s place in the world. It was perhaps this perspective, this insight into Ayrdra’s place in the world, that even made it possible for this expedition to finally get a ship past the Stormwall after so many had failed.

The hard times are hardly past, but Ayrdra only ever seems to look at it like another chance to follow the Outward Urge.


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