Dradiira Despath

Drow Mage


A Drow scholar and herbalist found at a hut just a short walk into the forest. While initially nervous of the adventurers, she welcomes them into her, albeit small, abode. A conversation is had of origins and intentions. Within a very short time, a bargain was struck. Dradiira would join the colonists to aid with her knowledge and arcane insights, in exchange for food, shelter, and sanctuary. Some mention was made of why this was necessary…

Some arcane studies are heavily frowned upon, even among a people as detested as the Drow. Having no patience for being told what she could or could not read, Dradiira took what belongings she could carry and made for the surface. Though, as she is forced to mention, it is not outside the realm of possibilities that the Drow may still search for her, and she would prefer to keep a distance from the jungle, or anywhere the Drow might be found.
Pleased with the results of their meeting and the well-struck deal, she gifted a Ring of Invisibility to the party, as she would, hopefully, have no more need of it.

Dradiira Despath

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