Tanna Ealolithe

Low-born wood elf, rogue & thief


Auburn hair, vivid green eyes, lean boyish figure, dusky/tan complexion. A bit small for an elf, body lithe and flexible. Facial features are sharp. Good constitution and endurance granted by her race. Though high in endurance (she could run all day) Tanna cannot take much actual punishment, so if it comes to blows, she’d rather avoid a fight than join it.



Raised in impoverished streets, growing up among common laborers, her accent is course, her language rough. She is not chatty; she’ll speak when it suits her or easily ignore someone she feels is being a dick. She is most comfortable in taverns in the poor quarter. She has little patience for nobles but will take work from them readily enough as long as the job is of limited duration. She has natural street-sense and thus wariness of just about everything. Though aloof with strangers, she works best in a group where her specialized skills can help augment a variety of talented individuals. Stay on her good side by paying her on time, giving her fair warning of the difficulties of a job, and treat her with a reasonable amount of respect.

Tanna Ealolithe

Bastion Reosoul Drafter