Feast fit for a King
As written by Killgrave

Week 27

After slaying the dragon king and losing several of our party, including Motoko. Who I thought would out live me easily. I wished her soul a peaceful journey to the afterlife and placed two coins over her eyes. As the rest of the party were trying to remove a huge Jadrite crystal from the Warforged Dragon’s chest I tried to detect magic in his horde of loot. In it I found a ring of spell storing that I later had Macdaman cast healing spells in so I could help if someone went down or was hurt. Then we heard the Kobold army stirring to the south. Their teeth gnashing and their hisses growing louder. The fear was palpable among the group. I quickly scooped as many coins into my pouch as I could carry reasonably and we headed north. As I had the control rod the door opened and closed for me. My new dwarven companion Tumdrum became very agitated with me and wanted the control rod back that he had told me to use. Due to his obvious reduced mental capacity I did not think it a good idea at the time.

After a bit of exploring we soon stumbled on some dwarves in a grand hall having a feast… of raw flesh. It had seemed these dwarves had turned to cannibalism from years of being stuck down here near this malevolent psychic power. As some of them spoke to the dwarves I moved to the west side of the room and tried to look around. I noticed some of the others doing the same to the east. There was an uneasy tension in the air. Then a dwarven mage of some kind with a few escorts came to the top of the stairs. He ordered that we be dinner. I sucked the moisture and life from his body and nearly killed him outright but he ran away. There was a long and drawn out fight with these funny iron ball flingers that some of them used. I took several of them and the ammunition to study them further. After the battle several of the party were hurt quite badly and some nearly died. More healing and bandaging was done and then we headed west.

We found several rooms that had libraries, dining areas, a bedroom all were quite filthy. However at the end of the hall we did find a room full of pillows that looked to be for lounging. This is when Macdaman cast his spells into the ring and then we all dropped down and slept. Except Tumdrum who slept in another room. The next day we struck forth in search of the king because the mad dwarves we had killed the day before said he locked himself in his vault.

One room we entered had the most amazing mirror Tanna and myself were in love with it but the human Macdaman covered it with a rug and said it was a God Mirror and it was bad. I saw no harm in it. It made me feel nice. Finally at the end of a hall we found a huge door and as it opened there were Warforged and the Prince who was now King…. What will happen next?

Week 26

With the Ghrenlisk slain and the Paragon’s trial complete, the bow of Kali Garanduum, the Borresaine, is in hand. There is forethought in who would wield such a bow, but this does not dispel the trepidation felt by Tanna. The Borresaine is built from the blackened bones of the hunter’s companion, forged in rage and hatred for this creature, the spirit of the bear still seems forever tied to it. An elf from very simple origins, with simple wants from the world, pushed by necessity into increasingly complicated circumstances. Even with the trial complete, attuning to such a tool, with such a messy and painful history, seems like a crime. But perhaps, such a thing is necessary to see them unharmed, out of the cursed halls of Gungrin.

Only a few footsteps out of the Kali’s tomb, commotion is heard. The fortress stirs, and the desperate din of combat echoes off the still chamber walls. Peering in the darkness, three warriors are spied, in foreign armor, seemingly fighting against the Sliverin tide itself. One disappears in the mass, his agonizing screams echoing through the halls as he is carried into the pits below.

The two remaining warriors would fall as well, if not for a show of arcane mastery, ripping the planar layers of the Bastion asunder and hurling themselves hundreds of feet away, to land safely behind the scout’s line. The Slivers do not retreat after losing an easy meal, but instead press with a reinforced attack. The battle is not without incident, and it becomes clear the hive has much larger and deadlier defenders the closer one draws. The scouts hold their line and get away with minor injuries, injury perhaps taken for the sake of these two strange warriors.

In the halls of Gungrin, perhaps one could be understood for thinking that “a friend is anything that does not attempt to immediately slay you.” It is learned the two survivors are from the Kou Kingdom, one named Motoko, a woman with a mercenary inclination, and Raziel, the Tiefling that had lead her, and others, here to Gungrin in the pursuits of Gungrin’s lost knowledge.

The group presses on, leaving the tombs and returning to the Cathedral. They are immediately by the faithforged there, taking the party towards the Transept to speak with Renzen, who damages the manual gifted to him and throws it upon the floor, clearly disturbed by what he’d found. Awakened to the origins of the Warforged and his own past, his role in the fall of Gungrin, the Artificer, now shaken to his core, wants nothing more than to left to his thoughts. Through bargaining and carefully placed questions, the party is able to have the Scepter of Control returned to them, before parting ways.

Back to the Noble’s Landing, the scouts now believe the only way forward is to meet with this “Steel Dragon”, Rhenium, and determine where they might stand in an alliance against the Slivers. The Kobolds, the faithful worshipers of this draconic visage, are fiercely protective of their master, but allow an audience once all weapons are forfeited into their hands, or so they think.

The footsteps of the group echo off the walls of the grand throne-room, the movements of dozens of kobolds can be seen in the balconies overlooking, hundreds of eyes of crusaders, thirsty to spill blood for their master, to prove their devotion.

Rhenium is revealed, stretched upon a mound of glittering gold, gems, and baubles, untold wealth, perhaps all the money of Gungrin’s coffers. The creature itself is gargantuan, with the exact frame of such a majestic creature, an enormous chunk of Jadrite embedded within it’s chest cavity, basking the gold in an otherworldly green glow. The party nears and introductions are made, and interrupted, when Rhenium’s attention is drawn to one of the Kou warriors, intent on knowing what magic he carries with him. Rhenium asks more, to see and hold it, to know it.

Rebuked, King Rhenium grows irate, readying to throw the vagabonds from his royal halls. Only until one scout presses salt in the Dragon’s wounded pride, without warning or hesitation, Rhenium unleashes a jet of flaming tar upon those assembled before him, erupting the throne room into chaos. The scouts disperse weapons among them from the hidden bag of holding. Warforged fall in defense of the scouts, Motoko’s screams die under Rhenium’s assault, the Steel Dragon acts with a brutality that is unsurpassed. Only through combined attack and sacrifice does Rhenium fall. One more creature of savage power and mad ambition falls, one among many in the twisted halls of Gungrin. Standing over the corpse, the scouts do not have the time to pay the proper thought to what effects this may have for the future. For the good King Rhenium, and his faithful, were all that lay between the above… and the writhing below.

“Three things are necessary for the salvation of man: to know what he ought to believe; to know what he ought to desire; and to know what he ought to do.”

The Tomb of Kali Garanduum
Week 25

written by Drafter (feel free to edit)

We are still in Anitar’s Temple, in the library section. Roma points out that Anitar (the god) has some of his greatest items in here. However, the group decides that we are not able to fend off another fight without a long rest, so we make our way back to the houses, to a dwelling Roma says belonged to a healer. Hoping to find supplies, they explore the home. They find a journal in which the healer speaks of an herb called ‘sleepsweet’ that can help with a variety of problems.

It’s decided that Macdaman needs to remain here to create more healing spells, and DeeDee, Westin and Ricky are too injured to go exploring. Tanna and Tumdrum go to the north of the healer’s home in search of a stash of sleepsweet the journals talked of. However, near this home is another of the lava bridges, and it is guarded by 8 patrolling faith-forged. We are able to evade them because of their position, and are able to search the home. There we find the sleepsweet. However, when we try to leave, we find the faith-forged have changed positions, making our route back impossible. Tanna puts on the ring of invisibility and Tumdrum casts an invisibility spell on himself and they are able to return to the others, warning them of the roaming faith-forged.

By remaining still and quiet, and by taking the sleepsweet, our group is able to rest without interruptions. The sleepsweet helps those afflicted with the psionic psychosis (though it does not remove it entirely). Tanna has a difficult time waking (TumDrum must Lay on Hands); it’s decided elves must take less. TumDrum is still most affected by the psionic attacks but he is able to rest as well. During his sleep, Tanna hears him say: “As sanity ebbs, terrible vistas from the void begin to reveal themselves”.

Finally, the group is able to leave, and they return to the Temple without attacks. Further exploration beyond the Library reveals a contemplation chamber. A voice speaks, talking of the depths and murder. A large war-forged appears— Renzen Magatek (the previous voice was not his however). While discussing his creation, the name of Thassuc is raised. Renzen expresses dislike for that name, calling him an old wizard and a necromancer. We tell him Thassuc wants to trade crystal for the stolen artifact.

Renzen goes on to tell us many things. He says there is a steel dragon named “Rinium” that would be the best chance against the slivers. Renzen says that Thassuc brought/created things that could not be stopped. He says the ‘wound in the mountain’ may be where the slivers are originating from. We bid Renzen goodbye.

Going back to the Temple stairwells, we choose to begin at the north one. Below is a chamber, apparently set up as tribute to Buro Faddun, a past dwarf hero. Tumdrum prays to the effigy of Buro. He is told in visions that our group is welcome to search for the bow, but we cannot search for or take anything else.

We go down a corridor, past crypts and slabs, and eventually find another shrine. This one is to the dwarf heroine Kali Garanduum. The statue has a stone bow. She is a Paragon – she sacrificed her companion animal to defeat a monster that was threatening her community. Tumdrum and Macdaman pray to be allowed to take the bow for our quest to help save our own people and those of other Choso people. The slab opens, revealing a staircase down; voices whisper in our heads.

The group descends the stairs, coming to a tomb. A shadow appears, forming into a giant predator cat. It is ghostlike but becomes more real with each passing second. We are able to defeat it, finally claiming the great bow, Borresaine. The group decides to give it to Tanna as she is the best shooter. Tanna doubts her own worthiness to care such a legendary item.

The Teachings of Anitar
Week 24

written by Drafter (feel free to edit)

Our group is still tightly packed in an elevator that now has a broken chain. We are in free-fall due to slivers weighing down the lift. Ricky, our wizard, casts “feather-fall” on our original party minus Tumdrum. This gets us going down at a slower rate. Tumdrum is able to cast feather-fall on himself and all of the war-forged but one, but Roma (the juggernaught warforged) is able to hold one of his companions through the fall. We are able to land without major damage.

We are now on the nobility level, in what appears to be a market area. It is obviously abandoned, damaged, with old blood stains around. Before we can explore much, we are attacked on multiple sides by kobolds (lizard/dragon-ish warriors) and beings called ‘faith-forged’. All attackers bear some obvious draconic features. We are able to kill all of them, especially due to the fighting skills of our own war-forged. Roma tells us that the faith-forged are like nothing he’s ever seen and does not believe they were created by his makers.

We have some time to explore now, and note that the market area is surrounded by dwellings of obvious noble character. When we speak of searching them, Roma expresses his reluctance at searching (and stealing) from the absent nobles. We do, however, break into one house in order to have a short rest. Tanna is able to find some money there which she puts in the group collection. Inside this home, however, a strange thing happens. We hear echoes of our own voices, however when echoed back at us, our words are in another language.

The group decides to head out to another location before attempting a longer rest (Macdaman needs to create more healing spells). Roma advises us that we can go east to reach Anitar’s temple and the mausoleum below it (this is where a magical bow resides that the group wants). We must cross a curious and deadly channel of lava. As we make our way further east, we encounter another group of kobolds, a smaller group, and we kill them easily.

We are now just outside the temple when another psionic attack occurs. It seems to affect only Tanna. She begins to hear footsteps and an ominous heartbeat. That, coupled with the lingering effects of previous psionic attacks, drives her to seek refuge on top of a roof again. It is only when the group enters the temple and leaves her that she follows.

On beginning to explore the temple, the group discovers it is quite vast. There are two doors just to the north and south inside the entrace. They have stone stairs leading down. We decide to wait on exploring those, and make our way further into the temple. It is lined with statues and paintings, apparently depicting past dwarven heroes and notables. Each has a story to tell. Beyond the statue chamber, we come into a vast library. Before we can explore further, we are attacked by a couple kobold clerics and 7 faith-forged. It is a tough battle but we manage to kill all of them.

But now our group is exhausted, partially wounded and low on healing spells. We will need a long rest soon.

Through the Fire and Flame
Week 23

written by Drafter (feel free to edit)

We are in a commons area in the dwarf compound of Gungrin. A door opens from the west side and orcs and ogres pour through (2 ogres, 3 orc wardancers, 3 orc berserkers). While we are fighting these, another group appears from the north — more warforged beings. Some of them begin to attack us as well, but Tumdrum is able to use the command staff he got from Thassuc and eventually gets the warforgerd to stand down. We kill most of the orc/ogres, but one orc managed to escape. Exhausted and hurting, we take refuge in the tavern room that the orcs came from. Tanna unlocks a chest and we acquire some money and two vials of healing potions.

Tumdrum talks with the largest of the warforged, a juggernaut named Roma, who claims to have no knowledge of his time before his creation, only that he was created by many. Tumdrum asks him to protect us, and to kill slivers we may encounter.

Our group goes on to search other shops — an herb shop, a bootery, an eating hall, barbershop. At each place, we acquire more money, sometimes more healing potions. Tanna packs a pair of specialized fancy boots obviously made for a nobleman. We move into a more exclusive part of the market area, perhaps one that will lead us to the nobles domain.

However, before we can explore much further, fire elementals (2) and many burning skeletons attack us. We have a very hard time with these; DeeDee is killed, Tanna is mortally wounded, and others are gravely injured. With the help of the warforged, we are able to kill the elementals and skeletons. Macdaman is able to use the diamond we found earlier to “revivify”/revive DeeDee from the dead. Others are healed enough to carry on.
We break into a jewelry shop in hopes of finding another diamond (or more). Before this happens, however, the sliver’s psionic attack takes place, affecting some of our group.

Bizarrely enough, a dragon roar is heard deep within the mountain. Tanna is crippled by fear and the effects of the psionic attacks, and hides behind Roma most of the time. In the jewelry shop, we find rings — emerald, sapphire and a gold band. More healing potions are discovered, and its decided Tanna will take the bulk of them since she is fastest and can reach the members of our party who may fall gravely injured during battles.

We decide to take an elevator further down in hopes of getting to the noble areas. We are just able to pack everyone into a single car, but as it descends, it is attacked by slivers who hang on the car. The chain holding the elevator breaks due to all the weight and we fall 60 ft.

Striking a Deal
Week 22

written by Drafter (feel free to edit)

It is now about midday. Our group is still exploring the Dwarven caves/settlement of Gungrin, presently in the forge room. We are taking a short rest. Some of the others are examining books they’d found earlier. Tanna listens at the door as a lookout, apparently hearing only the wind moving through the dwarven halls. Then she helps DeeDee harvest some body parts from the dead wyverns that were killed previously.

After moving on from the forge room, the group tries to take the elevator, but a mysterious miasma seems to adversely affect some of the group. They arrive on the Observatory floor.
In the Observatory, they encounter two juggernauts, 6 warforged arquebosier, and most curiously, a dwarf. Readying for battle, our group is surprised to discover the dwarf wishes to talk (though he seems in control of the warforged creatures).

The dwarf’s name is Thassuc Korvarr. He immediately recognizes Westin’s adamantine armor, claiming himself as the one who created it. Tumdrum tells him we’re looking for the Thane, the lost dwarven prince. Thassuc first tells us we need to leave, that he doesn’t care about dwarven politics. When questioned further by Tumdrum and Macdaman, the dwarf tells more.

He says that the dwarves (himself included) who settled this mountain came from Coalbrond, and soon discovered the expensive mineral adamantine. As minors explored further, they began disappearing, a few at a time, then more. Thassuc was not particularly interested in this, he has no interest in mining. His passion is in creating things, especially the warforged. He blames the disappearances on “her” in a deep citadel, claiming the lost were claimed by “psionic attacks”.

He also says the warforged are both mechanical and magical. He said wizards discovered some stones or crystals that were able to capture souls and put them into the warforged constructs. This explains the dying words uttered by the warforged our group killed earlier.
Thassuc expresses his desire to become like the warforged, claiming they are stronger and longer-lived. He offers our group a deal….. bring him more crystals for the soul-stealing, and he’ll give us the stolen artifact belonging to the pyramid in the lake.

He says the portals in the room next to the forge are transportation portals. One leads to the pyramid; one leads to the Underdark. He tells us to be wary of each other because we may turn on each other due to the psionic attacks. He says the crystals he wants are in the noble’s quarters, and warns us to ‘stay alive’ until we get the crystals.

After we withdraw from the observatory and Tharruc’s company, we take a long rest to recuperate. We then go to a lower level, to Anitar’s Temple. There is a pit nearby. We are able to break through doors at the north end of the temple, but are attacked by 8 slivers, a bone-scythe sliver, an armor sliver, and a might sliver. All but one is killed by us, but that one escapes. Presumably, it raised an alarm because more slivers soon arrive (8 slivers, armor sliver, spitting sliver, telekinetic sliver, shifting sliver). After a harsh battle, we are able to kill them.

We move through a door to the west, passing by abandoned and old market tables down a long wide corridor and commons area. Another doorway is observed, and before our group can explore further, a group of orcs and ogres come through.

Forged by War
Week 21

If it bleeds, it can die. Once the horrors are revealed to be mortal in nature, flesh and bone and blood like themselves, passing through these defiled halls seems a little more plausible. This makes it easier to rationalize pressing on, when every animal instinct would tell them to flee this place, that nothing is worth the consequences of traversing this tomb. Of the group, Macdaman is one of the few to possess the introspection and mental fortitude to detect the steady subversions of this place, and resist them, though even he might not last forever. The human mind is far from infallible.

The find a disgraced altar of Anitar, and though the paladin does what he can to set the shrine right, the place is bloodied beyond cleaning from the dozens of feedings that had taken place there. It is best to search for survivors, to find someone, anyone. They scouts feel their way down the stairs in the dim light, breaking into the barracks. The find blood, a single Dwarf that hadn’t been taken by the swarming creatures, but he’d already expired- swallowed his own tongue. A lone Dwarf, found dead, alone in a room, surrounded by rations and ale. There were fates worse than a quick death here.

They encounter a metal door of engineering beyond their understanding, hisses of steam and the power the likes they’d not seen before, metal and pressure forming an impenetrable gateway. They turn away, not even attempting to break such a thing down, afraid of what might hear their efforts.

Back up the stairs and around and down another, separate set of stairs, they find themselves in a small armory. Enough to fit and repair gear, much of it untouched. The Dwarves of Gungrin had no lack of weapons, they had equipment to field a small army. Much of the area was in disrepair, with a gaping hole in the floor revealing a twisting pit that spiraled down. The barbarian kicks a pebble down, but only hears the noises trail off as it bounces against the twisting tunnel. The scouts think better of such spelunking. Against the far wall, a small gated-off room is discovered. The metal is thick, the lock is of the sturdiest Dwarven craftsmanship. The criminally-inclined among the group believes this would be an impossibly difficult lock to pick- and failing to do so might render the lock broken, where even the correct key would no longer open it.

The scouts had found no key, but believing that whatever lay behind such a secure gate was certainly worth the effort. Uncertain, the burglar set out her tools carefully, observing the gate less and less like the normal obstacles she’d run into, but more as a puzzle. It only took a short amount of time to realize that the gate was going nowhere, not without heavy tools to remove it that they had not the access to. Starting in on the lock, the Dwarven ruffian remained nearby to hand tools as they were needed to the Elven thief, working in tandem to crack an unbreakable Gungrin lock.

It is unknown still if it were a stroke of cosmic luck, a lump-sum of karma that was awaiting this very moment to be rewarded, or simply the first Dwarven lock among the thousands to be made poorly, with some fault, that it allowed anything other than the single crafted key to open it. But the gate opened, and the armory was wholly plundered for everything it had. Perhaps, it might make surviving in this place just a little bit easier. The burglar took none of these spoils, but knew that her expertise would never be doubted again.

High off their tiny victory over the gate, the scouts hazarded to breach one of the thick metal doors at the eastern end of the room. Wedging a crowbar in first, it made the incredibly difficult task a little easier, but even so, it required the barbarian and fighter to push themselves between them just to keep them open. Long enough for the cleric to scramble through and pull a lever he found just on the other side. What he thought would be the device to open the doors, instead opened the main entrance to Gungrin, flooding the entrance with beams of sunlight as it began to open. Knowing the Lieutenant couldn’t bear the weight of the doors for much longer, the cleric returned, and the doors were allowed to shut.

With no where to go but up, the scouts returned to the elevator shaft they’d discovered before, and stepped upon the grate. Lacking any lever here, it required the careful use of a crowbar and finesse to trip the mechanisms into ascending the lift. On the floor above, they were barely out into the hallway before they came across further oddities unique to Gungrin… metal statues with faces and dexterous limbs. They spoke with limited sentience, but set upon the looters in short order. In the chaos of the melee, doors were smash open to an adjacent room, releasing a pair of wyverns upon the battle-fatigued warriors. The creatures seemed to had dug their way through a shallow cave-wall and began nesting within- disturbed, they retaliated viciously. The scouts had dealt with such creatures before, and survived, though not unscathed…

A safe place was needed. To rest, tend to their wounds, and perhaps even find some respite for their strained nerves.

“Their destruction is a small consolation, given the implications of their terrible existence.”

The Mountains of Madness
Week 20

written by Drafter (feel free to edit)

After some debate on what to do next, it is decided that, despite the great odds, our group MUST stop what is occurring in the pit — namely, demons being allowed entry into our world. Even though the odds look long about our survival, our world may not have much of a chance if demons are allowed continued entry.

Tanna returns to the pit to get a closer look at the glowing part of the bloody spawning pool. She observes 5 circles of glowing sigils or runes within the muck. A creature moves between the circles, spending time in each one. He’s humanoid but very alien (‘Herald of Torbane’). She returns to the others to tell what she’s seen, and they all decide it’s time for attack.

At the spawn pool’s edge, our group is attacked by multiple pustuloids and another swarm. We are able to defeat them but are greatly damaged…. only to discover the Herald has summoned more pustuloids from the depths. He continues to hurl taunts at us, warnings and grave portends about our defeat. We begin to wade into the pool to attempt to destroy the circles and are met with heavy and lethal resistance. Tanna is gravely wounded and almost dies, but our group stabs the “hearts” of each of the circles. The Herald is killed, but not before he delivers more threats and warnings.

We return to Alandra’s temple to heal. Admiral Otta and his skeleton crew finally arrive on The Sea Otter at the shore of the Lake. The supplies are delivered and stored in the Temple. He speaks of their ship having been delayed due to being bogged down by heavy kelp beds. He remarks that our group has made little progress on bringing down the Storm Wall, and the second wave of colony ships is due in 2 weeks. We tell him of our suspicions about the stolen artifact and the Spirit of the Lake’s insistence it be returned. Otta compels us to return to the abandoned dwarf mountain, Gungrin, to see if the artifact is there.

We ride the drow boat up the river to cut time from our journey, and disembark to travel to the dwarf mountain. We attempt to enter the way we got in the first time, through an arrow hole high above. Tanna climbs up but discovers the holes are oddly blocked by a curious substance. Breaking through anyway, our group climbs in and begins to explore. It is noted that many surfaces are covered by this same odd organic coating.

Before exploring much further, we spot a small sliver and attempt to kill it. We do, but other slivers that are larger and deadlier soon attack. We are able to defeat them but now worry that the fighting has alerted even more.

His Throat is an Open Grave
Week 19

written by Drafter (feel free to edit)

We are still at the Ech’lun camp, having barely recovered from the first wave of gnoll attacks… when a second wave hits. This includes not only gnoll fighters but also a bloodcaller, a bloodknight, an infestation swarm, and multiple oozing pustuloids. The pustuloids will fight when attacked, but generally run past our fighters and on into the camp, presumably to attack others. It is a tough battle, but we are able to defeat the attackers. Our people take heavy damage. While they are healing, Tanna and Ricky follow the pustuloids and help the Ech’lun kill them.

Consulting with Ech’lun mystics, the previously-taken broken sword is called “Flame Tongue”. The breastplate DeeDee now has retains a mild curse, causing her some bouts of paranoia. On the bloodletter’s body is discovered a sizable diamond, something that can be used for magical purposes, so Macdamon is given that. It is decided to keep to the original plan of moving all survivors to Alandra’s Temple in the early morning.

Thankfully, the journey there is uneventful and everyone arrives at the Temple to take refuge. Tumdrum and Macdaman commune with Alandra, who hints to them that the invasion of so many gnolls in the area is caused by the black pit to the south, and by an old demon god, Torbane, who has given one of his limbs to create this hole as a way to bring evil creatures into this plane. Our group decides to consult first with the Spirit of the Lake (Remulus) before heading south to the pit. We leave the Dagger of Dancing Lights with Mako (it can be harmful to werewolves) and DeeDee gives her axe to Barric.

On meeting with Remulus on the shores of the Lake, he is less than thrilled that we have not recovered the stolen artifact from the dwarves. The pyramid seems to be emitting a wavy green aura that goes into the sky. It seems to bring on a rain that gets harder. When we ask about Torbane, he tells a tale of the gods. Torbane seems to have gotten into a fight with other deities a long time ago, and he wonders if this might be the source of Torbane trying to get back into this world.

Not able to glean any further information from Remulus, our group travels near to the southern pit. We observe many gnolls encampments, wretched little hovels half dug in the earth and surrounding the pit at intervals. Tanna scouts closer using invisibility to hide herself. She is accompanied by Ricky’s raven. They see the gooey, blood-filled spawn pools, and note that one section of the circle seems to be glowing oddly. They return to report to the others.

Death of an Atheist
Week 18

written by Drafter (feel free to edit)

After resting, we leave the Ech’lun camp for a fast journey to Alandra’s Temple. With us are the 6 afflicted colonists suffering from early stage lycanthropy (werewolfism), among them are the former colony leader, Gilus, and a colonist wizard, Richtofen (“Ricky”).

Before we left, however, the remaining colonists exhibited great unrest due to the uncertainty of their situation, their distrust of the Ech’lun, and the tragedies that had befallen everyone. Tumdrum gives them a rousing speech about retaining hope, and promises the largesse of the food and drink we got from the dwarven kingdom will be arriving soon.

The journey to the temple is fast and stealthy. Good thing too, because the area is still crawling with gnolls, but we do manage to evade them. It is noted that many gnolls appear in the same area as the mysterious black hole (to the south), but we don’t stop to investigate. Time is now critical with the diseased colonists.

Arriving at the Temple, Tumdrum and Macdaman consult privately with the deity Alandra and are presented with a plan to cure the colonists. The infected must each put their hand into Alandra’s fire and be deemed worthy. All pass and are cured…. except for Gilus. Angry, guilty and grieving over the loss of his command and the collapse of the colony, he bitterly rejects Alandra’s power, then turns into a fierce and deadly werewolf. The group is forced to kill him. The remaining (and now disease-free) colonists, which include 3 artisans and a merc, agree to stay in the temple to further rest. Ricky, also cured, agrees to go with us and to help us fight if need be. We rush out to get back to the Ech’lun, the plan being to bring the rest of the colonists to the underground temple where we can defend it easier from above-ground threats (gnolls, etc).

On the journey, we are attacked by a band – gnolls, a bloodknight and a hyena. We are able to defeat them but Ricky is both seriously injured and crucial in our victory. Macdaman heals him and we return to the Ech’lun village.

The colonists are wary but finally agree to relocate to the Temple. It is decided to leave before dawn the next morning, a time when gnolls are relatively quiet, and even plan a celebration of sorts (feast/dance) the night before to try to improve morale. Before this can take place, however, more gnolls attack in greater numbers, attacking the Ech’lun settlement directly. Our group battles 9 gnolls, a bloodletter gnoll and a creature called a hezgrou. It is a very tough fight, especially since the bloodletter has many spells, but we are able to kill them all. DeeDee and Westin are badly hurt.

But at the edges of the settlement, we can see more gnolls readying for another attack.


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