Their Legacy

Week 33

Still in the Observatory of the dwarf mountain city of Gungrin, our party is recovering from the explosive trap set off by the dying dwarf artificer, Thassuc. Tanna is only saved from certain death due to the skills and magic of the groups cleric/healer, Macdaman. Members of the group search the ruins in vain for anything of value — only some bits of gems and Jaderite remain to be claimed, as does the original large crystal of Jaderite that our group initially brought to Thassuc.

Before we begin departure, we want to explore the immediate area rooms in case the morally-questionable dwarf artificer has any secrets to reveal. Throwing caution to the wind due in part to his continued mental illness, Tumdrum accidentally trips a trap on the door to Thassuc’s private chambers, setting off a lightning curse. He is injured, though not critically, and gruffly steps aside after berating everyone for their slowness. Just as Tanna and DeeDee enter, they become entranced by another magical device…. a large mirror hanging on the wall. It is another God’s Mirror, ensorcelling those who look on it. The elf scout seems especially affected, perhaps due to previous influence, and it takes Macdaman entering tied to a rope and the strength of DeeDee pulling out Tanna before all are safe. Recovering himself, Tumdrum again enters, tethered as the others were but with the addition of a blindfold so he does not become bespelled. His dwarven strength helps him to pull the mirror down.

The room is searched. Valuable books on gunpowder manufacture and war-forged creation are found and confiscated. Tumdrum takes some time to read, and comes on some hints of Thassuc’s journeys to the Aether ruins. Kaleth, the new dragon-born companion to the group, flips through some of the books, but when she expresses a desire to read what Tumdrum has in his hands, he politely declines. She is disturbed by this but without a common language between her and the others, communication becomes more and more of a problem.

Deciding to avoid a long rest and just push on with exiting Gungrin, the group briefly explores another room, discovering it contains another teleportation portal. Wary now, some in the group conjecture it may lead to planes with undesirable inhabitants, so they abandon the place, locking the door to the portal chamber securely.
Taking the elevator back to the previous portal level, some in the group are eager for the new exploration, while others are simply weary and want to leave. Tumdrum, who has been reading of this portal that leads to the lake pyramid, instructs the others, giving them the incantation to activate the portal. They each enter and are sucked away through the portal’s path. Many see flashes of other planes, other realms impossible to comprehend.
They each arrive in a large square chamber without doors. It is believed this is inside the pyramid. A center stone platform dominates, with large multicolored gems and runes in a precise arrangements on its surface.

The group is learning that Kaleth is a powerful magic-user in her own right. She begins to understand the arrangement before her, and invokes a language-understanding spell. She is able to speak and understand dwarven, a language understood by nearly everyone in the group. Kaleth approaches the center shrine and takes a place in a seemingly bare circle that was perhaps once occupied by a stone (?). Just as this is happening, Four figures make an appearance in the room on each of the four portals. They are ‘Aether Echos’, magical beings, and bent on attacking either with aggression or defense. There is little time to try to inquire which. Whilst the rest of the group tries to defeat the beings, Kaleth sees visions from her position.

The four Echos are killed by our group but not without delivering significant damage to our health. It is uncertain whether our efforts to return the stolen artifact are successful or not, for we must wait for the interpretation provided by our newest member.


Reosoul Drafter

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