Noble Arygos

Week 44

We start this session with Tanna and Tumdrum in New Dawnsburg and the rest in Nakamaru Port. Tumdrum makes sure Thaal is going to see the dragon, and that all is well before leaving to Nakamaru with a mercenary guard to help guard the caravan.

While left alone in New Dawnsburg, Tanna “looks” around Alandra’s temple and is blinded by an extremely bright light.

Tumdrum meets up with the group outside Nakamaru port, as they have been travelling with the caravan uneventfully for most of the day. The group worries about taking too long to return, but they must guard the caravan overnight while waiting to learn more in the morning.

Kaleth tries communicating with Thaal but does not get an answer. This causes her worries to grow. Eventually, she agrees to ride on Amanus with Tumdrum to meet this dragon envoy to our colony.

Kaleth and Tumdrum go off to meet the dragon after assuring Baron Drussus that this is the best course of action to take. There we meet Arygos, The Shatterer of Marrowbar’s Hollow, The Sage of the Storm Isles, the Seer of old paths, the third Consort of Bael’hal.

She talks to Kaleth mentally and Tumdrum understands none of the conversation. Arygos tells Kaleth that she was very curious about this group deciding to inhabit the lands and buildings of the foolish Valkryian so close to Bael’hal’s structures. She was looking them over for any reason to not destroy the settlement and saw your retainer Thaal coming her way. They had a small conversation and Arygos decided to wait to speak with Kaleth to learn more of this settlement. Kaleth states that she is the ruler of this settlement and that she needed to leave New Darafas to make a name and kingdom for herself as women are very much hamstrung in that department on New Darafas. The female Arygos seems to admire this initiative and appears to even see a bit of herself in Kaleth and decries that the settlement shall be spared under certain conditions. The people are to learn the proper respect for the dragons and know the bow to them when they arrive, no one is to disturb any of Bael’hal’s structures, there will be yearly inspections by someone beneath Arygos, and Kaleth is responsible for anything that goes wrong. If so, her entire family line will be wiped out back on New Darafas. Arygos also plucks at the string that ties this warlock Kaleth to some other power and states that Kaleth certainly has encountered some interesting and entertaining contacts.

Arygos leaves and Kaleth faints. Tumdrum struts around as if everything went according to plan though he heard none of the conversation. It is clear now that the madness of Gungrin that caused his massive paranoia has been rationalized by Tumdrum that he isn’t paranoid, every thing is out to get him because they must know what massive greatness he is destined to achieve, and they want to stop it before it happens. They leave to New Dawnsburg as Kaleth and Thaal talk for a while, and she doesn’t say much to Tumdrum.

We get back and the food caravan arrives that night and all seems well. We spend time on the Kingdom Building phase. This is our first time doing this, so it takes a while to figure out all the rules and such. We agree on taxing, holidays, claiming land and making it a farm with a road, building a lot full of houses as well as a brewery. Some questioned why Tumdrum, a brewer, wanted to build a brewery, but he noted that the Kou Kingdom delighted in the delicacy of the dwarven wines and ales, and they hated to see that trade evaporate with the problems Gungrin was having. We don’t have natural resources to trade or else this land would have already been taken over. We must use our creativity and knowledge to produce goods that can’t be or haven’t been made elsewhere. Our unique recipes should provide something that would be desired by both the dragons and the well to do in other kingdoms via trade.

Tanna has been acting very strange for the week back in New Dawnsburg, and Tumdrum feels guilty about it and tells her why they had her come to New Dawnsburg early. Tanna doesn’t believe much of it having never heard of The Further or Void before and not trusting Dradiira. Tumdrum says all the truth he has, but it doesn’t seem to go well.

He then turns to Kaleth and asks her to explain what the dragon wanted and said. He continues to push as he can tell he is not getting straight answers from her. Kaleth eventually lets out that the dragon, Arygos, was very worried about pests becoming a nuisance near Bael’hal’s structures. Especially pests that took to inhabit the old home of former pests. Needled more by Tumdrum who realizes a being seeing us as nothing but pests would not have went away without stamping out those pests if not for some reason, Kaleth mentions to the group that she told Arygos that she held a position of power in this settlement and was wanting to stay in that position of power and would take responsibility for the settlement’s actions. She says the settlement will be visited yearly by a dragon consort of Bael’hal, but that as long as we only build farms near the Aether structures and no one does anything to those structures, we should be fine.

Velm is still struggling with the drow and slivers under Gungrin. But wary of returning there, the group decides that next time they shall head west toward the men of the bear and the Valkryian ruins to learn more about their neighbors.


Reosoul PhorgottenSon

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